Family heritage, innovative approach

The Loopline Story

Farmers for 20 years, Mark and Kate Bunny bought the Loopline Olives grove in 2009 and “switched from growing grass to mowing grass.”  They soaked up the new skills involved in growing top quality olive trees to produce award-winning olive oil.

We proudly support Olives New Zealand Field Days which sharpened our skills and experience, and the new nation-wide Focus Grove Programme, to encourage quality improvements.

The Bunny family was one of the early settlers, and Loopline Olives is on part of the original family farm. Mark’s grandparents farmed this land, he grew up here, our children were brought up here and now our grand-children are learning to love the property too.

We are proud to add our experience and innovative approach to our family’s heritage property. Just as the Italians do.

We embrace appropriate technology, like a tree-shaker harvester. Olives are pressed locally the day they are picked for maximum freshness and quality.

Stored in food-grade containers, the oil is filtered and bottled promptly for better shelf life

Our oils all proudly carry the red Olives New Zealand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil sticker, proving it meets all the international technical quality criteria for EVOO.

The grove is surrounded by vineyards, as “good olives grow where good vines grow”.


91 Loop Line, Opaki, Masterton 5881 | Phone: Phone: 021 928 629

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